I closed this site after troubles online and offline.

I unfortunately met someone who had an unusual persona.

This person systematically broke me as a person (for unknown reasons).

Within 4 weeks the person had created emotional control and demonstrated complete human disregard in many places (for unknown reasons).

After 5 - 6 months I figured out the whole thing and have been recovering since.

I am not the first and I wont be the last.

During the time, I was assaulted (multiple times), asked to break the law (multiple times), vilified (multiple times), germ spreaded (inappropriately), coercively controlled (multiple times), became a victim of gas-lighting (multiple times) (unknown reasons), exploited (online and offline) (unknown reasons), body shamed (unknown reasons), and slandered (unknown reasons), unable to interact with friends, family or work (for the duration), stolen from (private possessions, copyright material etc) (unknown reasons), had my personal property vandalised (multiple times) (unknown reasons), cyber stalked (for unknown reasons), the positive traits of my personality were characterised (unknown reasons), and the negatives were amplified to extremes (unknown reasons). emotionally manipulated (multiple times) and treated as a sub-human (multiple times) (for unknown reasons). I could go on...

What did I get from this? A few games to play, some movies to watch and bad food. Not much to be frank.

How did I let all of this happen? It started with "We have a connection".

Take it easy fellows.