Business Networking in Fife

Written by Alistair.

 Fife Social is an event arranged by Fife Chamber of Commerce. It was a 4.30pm start until 7.30pm and it was well attended.

There are a number of really knowledgeable and interesting businesses located in Fife and I was lucky enough to meet a few of the people representing those companies at this event.

French language teaching schools, HR Companies, Infrastructure and Internet companies,  Painting and Decorating companies and many more.

It was an opportunity to represent Studio Crafted as a small company looking to work with others locally and nationally. I learned a lot from these businesses and hopefully I was able to offer some insight about things online.

Reflecting on Studio Crafted as a business and how it fits into a regional market place has given some pause for thought. With this I am currently looking to expand the site a little more to showcase some fixed fee Web Site Packages. These packages will allow for businesses to work online in a professional context whilst benefiting from some tried and tested technology stacks. This could for example enable them to offer a robust online shop for their products, it could allow them to engage with an audience directly or as an informational site to present any company messages and content.

Naturally these services will be bespoke in design and development but do share some existing functionality. This allows Studio Crafted to offer existing technology at a slightly reduced and fixed fee rate.

Over the course of September, site packages will be directly integrated to the project creation page.

Studio Crafted will always endeavor to produce fresh, articulate, functional and efficient projects for customers.

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