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studiocrafted Web Design

Inclusive, unique, and well made solutions for the web.

Goals and aims

To build a business that has a strong portfolio of happy customers.

The following are goals and aims for studiocrafted as a company, Outlined on this page are energy efficiency measures plus data fail safes to make sure you get the project you pay for.

My aim is to create new and creative solutions that offer the most value for money and work well.


We all love to make things, from hobbiests making small and neat web sites every day to to professionals looking to promote their business ventures.

studiocrafted Web design is a company commited to the internet, committed to you. We aim to enable individuals, companies, organisations, charities and agencies who share our passion for technology and value to create exciting and inovative sites whilst meeting project goals.

studiocrafted Web design has built both visual focussed web sites and applications involving thousands of lines of code.

To this end studiocrafted look forward to working with both new and existing customers.


In the past I've experienced customers becoming slightly confused at some of the technical aspects which go into building a site or system. Content from studiocrafted aims to give some insight to the process whilst keeping services and costs transparent.

This enables all customers to see the value they get when hiring me.

Going paperless

It makes sense for me to offer a paperless solution, this leads to searchable information using technology to assist this.

Not only that it's green to the planet and saves money.

Value driven and customer focussed

Continually evolved customer focussed build process.

Over my 10 years experience in the sector I've learned and implemented upon a number of core principles. These include making web site implementations fast, functional and optimised. This leads to being found through search engines, your users receiving the experience they expect and again through optimisations we can have our own small positive impact on the environment by using less resources from the hardware we use.

Further to this I have a full system which customers can sign into and view all project information, this is a one of a kind system that I've received good feedback for.

Investing inwards and self improvement

Maximising your ROI with fresh activities.

This is a personal goal to improve my circumstances as my employment through health has been a touch inconsistent.

I'd like to improve my life by enjoying more activities like racing simulators and playing golf.

Naturally if my freelance offerings and income grew I would take the necessary steps to employ responsibly.

Investing inwards also means being able to buy the right books and course material in order to keep providing a good quality of service.

Your success and company improvements

Measured success from customer and personal development.

Make companies I work for successful

I've got lots of great experience and I am happy to share my C.V. with interested parties, what I mean by making a company successful is to use my experience in digital both on-site and off-site working for a range of companies to share with you.

I can be a friendly business advisor for the online sector whilst implementing the things you need, such as a presentational web site or a functional back-end system.

Improve my services each year

My services have been improving since studiocrafted launched, from creating a customer portal to login to and upgrading the site design. My recent improvement offered back to customers is the development stack I use to render better solutions. You can read more info about my stack below.

Promote web, privacy and accessibility standards

Functional, transparent and strong code foot prints.

Open standards are fantastic and headed often by the World Wide Web Consortium and some evangelists in various sectors. The internet can continue to evolve and this is why I promote standards at any chance.

Open standards help me to offer you advanced functionalities in a timely fashion and later allow others to build upon your code base.

Privacy standards inline with GDPR lead to peace of mind and safer systems for all end-users. In practice there are technical guidelines I will follow when working for you.

Accessibility is something we all need in some form or another. It might be elevated pedals in your car, or glasses to improve your vision. Web sites are no different, there are ways the experience needs to be developed for all users retro-actively. I can promote and implement accessible solutions for most projects whilst I aim to do so for all.

Professional web designer

With 10 years experience as a designer and developer.

Originally from the West coast of Scotland. Alistair gained work experience with IBM both in the call centre handling technical calls and fitting PC hardware on a production line.

Alistair has also worked as a Shop Assistant, and Volunteer. In his spare time he likes to play golf to an amateur level and keep up to date with technology news and trends.

In 2009 after studying Computing Science and Information Technology at the University of Highlands and Islands Alistair moved to central Scotland and began to trade as a Web Design freelancer for 3 years. This gave Alistair an overall good experience and allowed him to deliver services to small businesses.

During the time since, Alistair has worked on-site for a number of companies helping them develop successful public and private facing web applications, and now studiocrafted has been created as a freelance-type-agency available for those who want to invest in web driven projects.

In the past Alistair has been recognised as a well-rounded industry professional, commissed to Author learning manuals and write articles for the sector. He has also won awards for both design and sales.

Alistair is a supporter for mental health who participates in charity and voluntary areas when possible. He likes what Aiden Hatfield is doing for mental health by donating 50% of profits through In Music We Trust clothing to mental health in England and Wales. Alistairs' chosen Scottish charity is SAMH for the work they do in giving those affected with mental health issues tools for living and support.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much do your services cost?

    Prices vary from project to project, usually information is gathered and a price is then put forward.

  2. Your services page looks complicated, what do you do?

    In a nutshell, Web Design & Web Development services. This may include eCommerce, social networks and bespoke projects.

    Giving you the tools needed to complete goals is always the aim.

  3. What's involved?

    studiocrafted will take the time to speak with you online or by telephone to prepare a build plan. From there a clearer picture will be presented.

  4. Do I own the project files?

    If you explicitly wish to own the work created for you (e.g. for further reproductions) a fee will be incurred to cater for this scenario. studiocrafted is happy to maintain your project as long as you wish.

  5. How do I pay you?

    All projects require a minimum 10% down-payment and depending on the size of your project the remaining balance will be broken into further invoices.

    Payments are accepted securely online through your account with any regular credit or debit card.

  6. How do you use my data?

    Your data is only used to manage any projects that studiocrafted have worked with on your behalf.

    When personal information is no longer relevant that information is deleted, automatically.

  7. I want to be GDPR compliant, can you help?


  8. Why don't you have an office?

    It's an expense that can be avoided at the moment.

  9. Can we meet for a coffee?

    If you are in Scotland and have covered any expenses, studiocrafted Staff would be happy to travel or meet in the capital for a coffee and some lunch to discuss any work related matters. studiocrafted are located in and offer Dunfermline web design and also any other interested parties.

Energy efficient & Single Board Computing

Matching the primary aims of studiocrafted to go paperless and green when possible my development server is built using a single board computer in a tiny form factor drawing only 3amps of power at peak!

Further to this I use low powered Solid State Disks (SSD) to store and backup all files relating to your project(s).

Photograph of a single board computer in small form factor

Powered by Open Source

Open Source software powers many forms of connected technology, my development stack for web development is also powered by Open Source. Using Open Source software I am able to ensure of a number of key requirements are met.

Data backups with Google Drive

For development purposes I need to ensure in the event of fire, theft or failure that your data is still visible to me. In order to do this I sync all projects in development to Google Drive to mitigate the points of failure.

My hope is to offer customer satisfaction and peace of mind.

Photograph of a single board computer in small form factor

Google Cloud Infrastructure

Carrying on from Google Drive, Google Cloud infrastructure is available to deliver award winning hosting solutions that ensure your sites and projects perform to their maximum potential. The full stack from studiocrafted has been thought about as I deliver on various types of Web design services.

Photograph of a single board computer in small form factor

A Real Platform

This platform from studiocrafted means that you are kept in the loop, can engage with me at any give time, your data and project resources are always secure, you are making an environmental impact when working with me and you can also take peace of mind knowing that your live site will be performant.

All in all, I'd say it's worth making an enquiry today.

Send me a cool project today!

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