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Hiring a Developer

Starting out with HTML

Freelance WordPress Developer

WordPress is the most popular CMS on the market today and comes with a huge amount of functionality available.

When hiring a WordPress developer there are some considerations to make.

Starting out with CSS

Freelance Buddypress Developer

BuddyPress is the number 1 community plugin available for WordPress and brings Facebook like functionality to your WordPress site.

Starting out with HTML

Freelance WooCommerce Developer

Online shopping is a discipline in itself and building for is no exception to this rule, with WooCommerce the core concepts are covered.

Starting out with HTML

Freelance Bespoke Developer

Bespoke developments can be delivered in a number of ways, and with so much technology available how do you choose what's right for you?

studiocrafted will offer some insight to this area of employment.

Starting out with HTML

Mark of a Professional

This guide has been created to help customers make better decisions when they choose to work with a freelancer or a Web design company.

Starting out with HTML

Hiring an Agency or Company?

Web agencies are good and small companies can be hit or miss.

It's much more valuable to hire someone commited to the industry with hands on experience.

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