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Being your best self in digital services

Being your best self in digital services

0 words written by Alistair

Over the course of the past year whilst working with customers for studiocrafted there's been one thing that has kept me going. Customer Service.

Customer Service comes in a number of ways, it ranges from good to bad and will be inline with day to day networking. From speaking to recruiters, potential customers and peers.

Unfortunately we will all run into people who just don't care, are out for themselves and couldn't give two hoots about you or your income. All they want is to steal the air around you, not sure why but that's how some people operate.

Someone said Challenges will face us, "the Universe will test us"... I think that's a great view to have on these matters.

Customers who lead you on. Don't do it, when you've ran a practical course with them you simply can't engage. They will drain you and your well-being will suffer. If you do, that's an expensive ego to follow.

Peers who bring drama. This one is a little harder because we want to get along with each other not only for skill-shares but peer support. However you also have to know when to walk away from this. Usually bad behaviour is fed by a feeling of jealousy, insignificance or control. All are bad traits, you should identify this and shut it down. Disagreements do occur but if you've played your part in trying to de-escalate the situation and still negativity persists. Shut it down and walk away. That's the end of it.

Recruiters can be great, other times they're not really 'getting' you or your skill set. Good recruiters will include you in the job specifications, the days of being mismatched are becoming less and less. You should engage with Recruiters who offer you the right tech stack, or are willing to listen and look for you when the time comes.

studiocrafted' customer service tools: I have a bespoke system for all my customers which offers a useful overview and in-detail view of projects. It provides progress reports and tools to engage directly with the project. Customers deserve value like this.

In this month I have rolled out page updates to the service areas over a couple of days free time whilst managing the week to work with customers.

To conclude in summary I'd suggest the basics of customer service being that you primarily have core skills to offer, you do not follow negative leads and also find a way to destress and detach from work related activities.

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