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Google Lighthouse Performance

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Google Lighthouse is a litmus test for web page performance which measures in detail a number of key areas and provides guidance for Designers and Developers to improve aspects of their site.

It covers the Performance, Accessibility, Best Practices, S.E.O and identifies if the site is also a Progressive Web App or P.W.A for short. Let's go over each area.


Lighthouse is able to look at elements that provide bottlenecks to page loading over standard web protocols. Poor JavaScript implementations, bloated filesizes, large images and how assets within the page are served such as images, fonts and videos.


Accessibility is a legal requirement today, if your company has a web site and does not take steps to make an accessible experience to all users then you may be taken to court under discrimination laws.

Lighthouse assesses how a site has implemented accessibility and provides guidance for improvements.

Best Practices

These techniques are 'sort-of' industry standards and there are many contributing into each area of testing. Google has a number of recommendations here.

S.E.O Search Engine Optimisation

Google being a search giant and Lighthouse being a tool that offers S.E.O recommendations, it makes sense. Steps again can be followed to make sure your site is searchable and wont receive any unnecessary penalty points.

P.W.A Progressive Web App

Progressive Web Apps are really cool, they allow for pages to be viewed when offline, they encompass an array of other functionality waiting to be exposed like push notifications. Lighthouse will identify if your site is a P.W.A or not.

It's good for us to say that studiocrafted is a top 10% performing web site in all areas of Lighthouse checks and we can't wait to pass on our expertise to customers in the future. Our current scores for studiocrafted.co.uk are as follow.

studiocrafted Performance

  • Performance: 99 out of 100.
  • Accessibility: 92 out of 100.
  • Best Practices: 93 out of 100.
  • Search Engine Optimisation: 91 out of 100.
  • Progressive Web App: Yes

This entry has been written at the time of Billy McNeills passing, a Celtic Football Club great. In his memory, RIP.

Logo of studiocrafted which illustrates both design and development through the use of colours above the letter S