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Notes from March

Notes from March

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It looks like March has hit us all in a number of ways with the break and isolation of many through Covid19. Times like this we have never seen before, this is unprecedented and the business sector has been hit hard by the whole thing. Naturally we want to be considerate to each other and work smartly during the down time.

I've made myself available to a number of people and organisations in a voluntary capacity, usually in the form of offering some sort of digital backup to anything required. It's a good fit, however I have offered to volunteer to both customers and community based services should there be shortages through direct or indirect effects of the slow down in society over this difficult time.

There has been more updates applied here to studiocrafted and also I am able to respond to enquiries and customer queries. There's a fresh company information page and the journal as you can see has now also been updated.

I'm in the last phases with my customer project and it's been a really good build cycle over multiple months.

studiocrafted has now taken further steps to strengthen its infrastructure from development to live sites, I've reduced the energy impact that my work requires and by enhancing the customer service portal continually reducing the paper waste aspect of running a service for customers.

On a personal note I've struggled a bit over time with bad situations in life and not being able to handle them well, I had a list of negatives that I thought would be a good way to vent my frustrations and write them down here in a blog post but I feel that wont do any good either.

Big Hybrid has been on hold for some time, I need to re-evaluate that project before going forward. It's a total theme experience in WordPress that focusses on content, community and commerce. However I've just not quite been able to schedule my weeks to manage 3 bigger projects and a handful of smaller ones.

To conclude this post, I hope you are well and taking appropriate steps to deal with and recover from the global pandemic (Covid19) and that you are able to find the space you need to destress and focus on the things that matter to you in life.

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