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October update

October update

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I'm pleased to announce that I received a direct site enquiry here on studiocrafted last week and this has now led to a project, studiocrafted has its first customer!

We spoke about a number of possibiilities from the original enquiry such as offering a custom project to allow for functionality to be realised and also identifying if WordPress was a good fit.

Starting out officially in February of 2019 and increasing traffic to my site here at studiocrafted this has led to a small handful of leads and now a short work contract.

I'll be working for the next 4 to 8 weeks on this project and providing a number of studiocrafted services to the customer which I'm thrilled about.

There are some standard web design services I can offer that have been bundled into handy packages.

studiocrafted has also roadmapped a new design update titled "Hammer" for 2020 and Big Hybrid got some useful developments as the project has now progressed.

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