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Online Payments with Stripe

Online Payments with Stripe

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Stripe is a payments solutions partner that can be integrated to a number of platforms, Android, iOS and the web to name a few. Integration of Stripe can be done by a capable professional and they have a number of integration types available to best suit your checkout process.

Typically a payment provider is used in an ecommerce site (like in our fixed fee ecommerce package) for example to allow businesses to accept card payments online for any goods purchased.

There are many providers from Google, to PayPal to SagePay and of course we are talking about Stripe.

Stripe is a cost effective and current payment provider who offer comprehensive tools to oversee incoming money, process refunds and handle receipts. From a development perspective Stripe have a great experience, solid documentation and a suite of testing tools that is currently ahead of the curve.

They offer a system called "Connect" which allows for aggregated payments to communities and marketplaces. Want to build a marketplace with many contributors who get paid when their items sell and has been processed subject to admin fees? Stripe Connect can help you build that platform.

We use Stripe payments here on studiocrafted and is served with security over https and session authentications.

When you have the need to accept payments online - to integrate with an existing project or build a new idea. Let us know and we'll get you started.

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