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Seperation of digital and personal working relationships

Seperation of digital and personal working relationships

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My tips for being a good person in work and with personal relationships, with all remote working, digital communication and in person.

I have spoke on this theme before in my journal post Being your best self in digital services.

Whilst I am no expert and clearly not exactly the social butterfly I once thought I may have been, I do believe I offer reasonable dialogue on the subject.

I try not to be confrontational although I do believe there are times you need to tear a band-aid off. Usually my challenge like this comes from important things, whether it is repeatable and is it important for the overall success of the project or relationship.

When working on a project for example that has time frames and deliverables it is critical that all the gears are working together, imagine what happens if a foreman or builder doesn't turn up to do the job at a housing development. Well the house wont be built, it's as simple as that and impossible to manage unknown quantities. If you're not there, why should I be?

With personal relationships on digital, don't be the person who leaves the other person waiting for replies. Particularly don't be the person who reads the messages and does not reply. These are clearly signals that are in place for a good reason, leaving it up to the other person to figure out the reason for absence is a disproportionate request. Telepathy I'm afraid is only on sci-fi TV programmes, it's not real and we don't possess those skills.

This applied in a working context just means tasks wont be completed because vital feedback loops are missing.

I do fully support recourse for absence, provided it can be demonstrated that understanding is there. If a project team member or a friend doesn't know how their absence has affected a project or a plan then why would we spend realistic time working for that person?

I've seen work relationships and personal relationships break down for these matters, it's important people feel included. Relationships are defined by a number of things and it's pretty easy to say when something has been defined as important. It could be a "Thanks for the great work, looking forward to the next steps.".

I wanted to write this post as part of my personal development, I'm receiving help for mental illness at the moment and it really hasn't been a nice experience. Work usually can be affected by personal and personal can be affected by the other.

However I'm commited to my services and quite capable of making the seperation, hence this article which should hopefully offer insight to others from my own experiences.

It's been tough whilst in lockdown, we're coming through it now and also must stress to keep washing your hands and don't forget the thumbs.

I wish all my readership well and I will be dedicating next months journal to a friend who has really helped me focus. Melanie who talks about Coast Fire amongst other financial topics writes often about managing money and budgeting well, she's got what I would consider as 'course ware' on various sub topics to the working financial aspects of your life to be better organised whilst still being able to commit to the places you can and want to. You can visit Partners in Fire by following this link.

Second to that I'd like to highlight Breathing Space as a telephone or online chat outlet for those people living in Scotland who just need to talk.

It's been such a rough time and I'm sad at times that things haven't always gone to plan, but I'm always trying to improve my services and skills.

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