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Service Enhancements

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Studio Crafted was initiated in October of 2018 with a view to first assess the market place and then to seek out new clients. 3 months into 2019 the SC web site has been updated to reflect the understandings we now have from social networking both in person and online. We learned that companies are looking to invest in the right technology to match their business needs online.

It's also one of our core aims to streamline the process for those looking to work with a web development company and this wont change. That's why we chose to enhance our site, build a solid foot-print and go forward with that in mind. We will continue to offer value to customers, even if it is only a small service improvement like support issue response times.

For the next month SC will be publishing updates here to to keep customers better connected to our platform. This will include a new customer portal and newsletter subscription area.

As ever new enquiries are welcomed.

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