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Web design and self isolation

Web design and self isolation

0 words written by Alistair

COVID-19 and web design services have no doubt seen a down turn in business. The economy has been and will continue to be drastically impacted going forward. So spending money wisely is important, the priority remains working smartly. Not the money.

The impact of this pandemic has meant that monolithic measures to stop the spread of the virus have been implemented. Lock down, self isolation and social distancing has been in place for some time over all of March and into April in order to protect the NHS and save lives in the UK.

Many have really embraced app driven technology to stay close to those in their circles, this could be choosing to use web driven platforms like Zoom meetings or chat platforms for both Android and iOS such as WhatsApp.

Web sites can be enhanced with expertise from studiocrafted to offer more interactive functionality such as video and audio with captions and transcripts.

Mental health is a real challenge for many without self isolation and a burdened NHS so it's really great when communities are able to use technology as a force for good.

Personally I've been making use of a number of web platforms such as Twitter and Zoom to keep in touch with those for both work activities and also my social circles.

Technology aside, I think using anti bacteria wipes when getting in and out of a car (wiping down surfaces) plus washing your hands often through the day for 20 seconds is a great practice.

Also take a look at what LTT have done to produce masks for communities in the video below. Maybe you can get involved with the initiative as required.

It's also worth mentioning the amazing work being done by Business Gateway through their online workshops and webinars.

I've integrated some new functionality to studiocrafted and you can now see audio excerpts in some journal entries such as being your best self in digital services and also an updated contact form for web site service enquiries.

So, I continue to wish you well and look forward to life after COVID-19.

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