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Our Journey on Google

Our Journey on Google

0 words written by Alistair

As a freelance company studiocrafted didn't really get out the gates until February of 2019 with a clearer vision of what to offer online. There's no hiding it, we're a Web Design company as you can see.

One of the things we might rely is being found on Google for new customers searching for relevant services in the local area. Yes, we are happy to work remotely online for any person, organisation, charity or agency but it's also somewhat important to be found locally.

So to crack the nut as they say of Search Engine Optimisation we are embarking on a journey with Google, Microsoft and other search engine providers.

Our initial offerings were far down the rankings for terms that weren't really specific or targeted, now we've decided to start this process and the results are good, interesting and somewhat expected but we're not quite there yet.

We have been able to tick the boxes that we already knew existed, and now we are in the process of adding content to the site that will primarily inform our customers of our services but will also give the likes of Google something to grab onto.

Listing our business on Google has resulted in a map result which is often the preferred choice now. The plan is back that up with increasing competitiveness on search terms people might be using like Web design Fife, or Web design Dunfermline.

Rome wasn't built in a day, but should you some time find us on page one and have read this page. You now know, when it all began.

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