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Current projects in development and discount offers

Current projects in development and discount offers

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Customer work

In October I received an enquiry about a project from a Scottish based company looking to develop a project online. We arranged to meet and have a chat about the project and its goals. This led to good conversation between myself (Alistair) and the customer.

With good time we agreed to work together. It became official on the 10th of October.

Since then both the customer and studiocrafted have been utilising the service manager to develop the project further.

Future pricing offers

Running a new offer going forward as the original early bird is no longer valid, I am offering to work for a fixed fee of £600.00 per month.

In return you will have me dedicated and working in a full time basis for no less than 30 hours per week. You will receive my full development package and any relevant service until the project has been completed.

The flexibility of an offer like this allows you as a customer to receive a bespoke and well crafted service whilst not being constrained to a fixed fee package. However, there are still a handful of web design packages available.

Site update

During the time between customer project work I have been planning an update for studiocrafted which should fall in early 2020. The update is more an evolution of the current site and focusses on Accessibility and Usability, I feel this update is going well and worth pursuing. The codename for this update is: Hammer

Big Hybrid

Big Hybrid is one of my Open Source contributions, specifically a theme for WordPress that focusses on inclusivity through design.

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