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Developments for Studio Crafted

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Throughout the course of August a number of developments have happened for Studio Crafted and progress has been made.

As a new business (not yet registered) it needs to become known, I haven't carried any customers into Studio Crafted from previous ventures. I respect N.D.A's I signed for companies that I have worked on-site with and in tandem with that some companies I have completed work for in previous years they just haven't succeeded in the physical World which means their digital projects have also now became obsolete.

However there is a big market out there and I'm making progress. Some agencies have recognised my skills, recruiters are beginning to seek my services and local leads are being generated. The latter has resulted in a face to face meeting. This is all good news.

It was important to me to document this progress now to coincide with all other work avenues, this includes PT work as a delivery driver and a side project called Big Hybrid.

My career is based in IT and I am maintaining both a C.V and portfolio whilst exploring other channels to work in as an experienced professional.

The Service Manager Platform for Studio is now live but requires some TLC. I'm unable to spend time marketing this area at the moment but in its basic form customers can now access account based actions when becoming a customer. In a nutshell it's a streamline way to manage your project(s) and pay invoices,

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