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Building a Platform; some considerations.

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When establishing an online business, it’s worthwhile to consider your website’s design. Your online company reaches the same demographic as a brick and mortar business.

Even if your company has an existing point of sale, it's worth considering your website design when establishing an online presence. It would be best if you examined existing business channels while identifying new ones.

Recognising the power of a professional website will provide several good options. A website should be malleable, allowing the ability to introduce new layouts and functionality over time.

Professional and Staff

Professional changes require hiring a designer, developer, or a design team. Seek the right people, and engage your employees as if working with a local or remote professional. Healthy business relationships build healthy working relationships.

Implementing these considerations will reflect positively on you and your online project.


Developing a website/platform involves variable timeframes and budgets. It also requires investment, patience, and professionals to support you as you grow your market or enhance an existing project. Your project should include a staggered process with clear milestones to mark various aspirations for your business and customers.

StudioCrafted© has developed a unique platform to enable this development. Please check back for further details later this month.

Small, medium and large developments require time and money. How long is a piece of string? This concept is the same with smart industry professionals working hard online, and that string’s length now becomes less important than its strength. With the emergence of Social Media, marketing can occur independently.

Using each milestone of your project, regardless of size, is a chance to act as a catalyst, putting your new project information in the hands of the customer. It’s also an excellent opportunity to verify you are moving in the right direction towards your end product. With medium to large scale builds, this is a chance to re-align your project using advanced development techniques.


In the past, companies marketed their products via traditional methods: print, television, and radio. The internet and social media sites like Twitter and Facebook have revolutionised the marketing industry. Some companies exist for the sole purpose of running your social media and advertising campaigns.

Regardless of your social media platform, you should utilise this marketing concept to work alongside your website. All social media platforms have different rules. For example, Facebook is focusing on privacy, so you will want to include their requirements in your concept before marketing there., If marketing in the EU, there are GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) laws to take into account.

Identifying your target demographic (i.e., age group, shared interests, gender) can be done through market research and tools provided by your chosen social media platform, such as Facebook’s advertising insights. As with any local aspirations, you must have an organised plan.

While online marketing differs from its print counterpart, some marketing strategies apply to both. The important thing is not to confuse your audience.

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