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WordPress and 2020

0 words written by Alistair

2020 has had a good trajectory for Studio Crafted and Big Hybrid has been released on GitHub. Big Hybrid has been mentioned in previous blog posts and has been built with content, community, commerce and accessibility as primary goals.

At the time of writing Big Hybrid has support for most of WordPress and its core features like posts, pages, tags and archive templates.

There are a few changes required before I can increase the version number.

Further to this Studio Crafted remains at number 1 on Google for the most competitive terms and I am already improving for a wider area.

Studio Crafted got a design update and has been partially applied, many of the inner pages here need to be re-worked however both the home page and service pages have the new design applied. So far I've received good feedback and have a roadmap things to do.

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