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DIY WordPress in 5 or so minutes

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WordPress can be at times a very simple solution to get a comprehensive web site live and functional.

In fact you can have a well performing site in a small amount of time.

Essentially the process is this:

  • Choose a web host (Shared hosting, virtual, dedicated, grid or cloud) e.g. Eleven2 Web Hosting.
  • Buy a domain name and configure it to point to your web host.
  • Upload or install WordPress via your web host.
  • Configure WordPress to match your needs by connecting to a database in your web hosting and set a username and password.
  • Choose a theme, either a free one or buy one from a theme shop like Theme Forest.
  • Choose which plugins you wish to use, maybe WooCommerce for a shop.
  • Activate your plugins and themes.
  • Publish your content e.g. products, pages and blog posts.

To get your site found on search engines this is called SEO (search engine optimisation). There's lots of resources available and we can also guide you through the process to help your site get found. The best idea is to publish good, relevant content - there's also a plugin called Yoast SEO for Everyone to help with this.

We'll be publishing a series of "Getting started with WordPress" videos in the future to go into the steps above in a little more detail. As promised that video is below, condensed into one.

Transcript to be published.

You might also choose to customise the colours and add your own logo.

To take it a little bit further you could make sure your site is using an SSL (secure socket layer) certificate and that your files uploaded (e.g. those in blog posts, produces or logos) to WordPress are stored in a CDN (content delivery network).

That's it really, WordPress as a hobbiest / DIY business solution is very cool. There's also SquareSpace

Studio Crafted builds 'next level' WordPress themes and plugins for bespoke projects, we also develop original projects using the PHP programming language and JavaScript.

If you need some help with WordPress use our contact form and let us know your issues and budgets.

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