Original and well-crafted fixed fee projects are listed below.

All Packages come with a standard business card design and a5 flyer design ready for print and marketing with your key messages.


A well-organised and visually appealing site, crafted from the beginning to work with the Worlds most popular Content Management System.

Design Concepts

We will create a total of 2 overall design concepts that focus on your needs and requirements with the information architecture considered at every stage of this process.

Additional Pages

Catering for additional pages we will further create 5 more bespoke visuals to match with the overall content requirements of your crafted build.

Custom Content Requirements

We will make sure that publishing is clear and succinct by catering for up to 4 unique types of content requirements within a practical scope of development.


A blog will also be added if requested to allow for chronological and dynamic content to be published in a basic format.

Enquiry Form

An enquiry form will be developed to minimise spam enquiries and allow you to view or respond to any that come through from your site.

Social Media Integration

Integration of your social media channels can also be integrated as part of this fixed fee project.

Domain name

You may register one domain name as part of the cost for this. It will be paid for 1 year, then after it becomes a rolling contract for various renewal lengths.

Web hosting

Having worked with a number of technologies we are able to recommend a web host and offer 1 year of service as part of this package price.

Server Configuration

Steps will be taken to ensure that when your site is complete the software behind that also works for faster page loads and security measures.

Search Engine Optimised

With focus on a number of publishing areas within this fixed fee project we can take introductory steps to make sure your site is optimised for search engines to find you.


We will make sure your site is secure for all users using the latest techniques.

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Sell your products in an online marketplace taylored to meet your brand expectations and maximise profits.

Design Concepts

For your online shop we will create two overall design concepts for you to choose from.

Additional Pages

2 additional page designs will be created to allow for information on your shipping and returns policy for example or a comprehensive customer service page.

Shop Management

With an award winning back-end powering your site you will have the ability to directly manage products, categories, prices, taxes and more.

Product Pages

Product pages will be designed carefully to make sure your products are visible to shoppers.


Customers can checkout with any goods they have requested and make payments directly to your chosen payment provider.

Product Viewer

Product information will be made visible to make a better shopping experience for your customers.

Inventory Tracking

Keep track of stock if required, the system we develop for you can be an end to end admin system for your inventory.

Support Request Form

Customers can submit support requests on items they have purchased or are looking to with a support request form. We'll make sure it matches your expectations also.

Payment Providers

There a number of payment providers in the marketplace now from PayPal to Stripe to SagePay. We will integrate your chosen payment provider.


Keep your customers up to date with new product announcements and alike via your on-site blog pages.

Domain Name

You can register a domain name for 1 year through us for this project.

Web Hosting

We will provide web hosting and make sure you are getting the performance required and not unecessarily losing customers.

Server Configuration

Our experience will allow configuration of the web server to meet the functional and performance requirements of your online shop.

Search Engine Optimised

Steps will be taken to make sure your site and products are found in search engine ranking pages.


We will make sure your site is secure for all users using the latest techniques.

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