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WordPress CMS

WordPress CMS Package Studio Crafted offer a well crafted site that can grow and is powered by the Worlds most popular CMS Scroll to learn more
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What's available in this package?

Design Concepts

As required Studio Crafted will create 2 design concepts to fit your site.

Studio Crafted will work with an existing brand, design or offer a bespoke creative service.

When a provided design concept has been chosen it will then will be finalised and incorporated to your live web site with all available assets and graphics.

Front-end layouts will be built following and adhering to current web standards.

Studio Crafted projects will work on all devices and are accessible to all users.

Example pages that may work within your WordPress site are listed below:

  • Home
  • Info
  • Portfolio or Services
  • Team
  • Contact

WordPress - The Right Way

Custom Content Requirements

Custom Post Types

Studio Crafted will enable custom post types and taxonomies for you to publish your content articulately and not litter your database with junk.

DIY sites don't support this functionality out of the box!

We'll make sure you have your site; as intended - the WordPress way.

  • Sample blog image
  • Sample blog image
  • Sample blog image
  • Sample blog image

WordPress Blogs

Also in this package...

WordPress Blog Integration

Many site owners like to have a supplementary blog attached to their web site. This can be utilised to showcase topical, business or industry centric news.

WordPress traditionally catered for just this, and now 16 years on since its release it's the most popular solution on the web.

Studio Crafted always look to enable you with the functionality to match your publishing needs.

Extra: Multi-site WordPress

For the more adventurous of bloggers, WordPress has a feature that has gained traction over the years since it was first introduced as a multi-user service.

Studio Crafted can comprehensively bring this feature to you as an advanced WordPress platform. This is an extra outside the scope of this package but it was worth putting on your horizon if blogging will be a key component of your theme design & development.

Additional functionality of most types can be added to this package and billed additionally.

Custom Web Form

In this package a custom / bespoke web form will be built and integrated directly to your system for you to follow up on any enquiries.

I want to know more about a Bespoke service

Web Hosting

You'll be provided with 1 year of web hosting and billed annually. For smaller or more basic sites you usually wont incur additional costs.

More info about Web Hosting please

Domain Name

You may select a domain name to go with this package, £20.00 of the overall budget will be allocated to this or you can supply your own.

Search Engine Friendly

Studio Crafted sites are search engine friendly from the beginning, however should you look for improved rankings then this is an additional fee.

I might need S.E.O also, tell me more

Optimised for Speed

Projects designed, developed and handed to Studio Crafted can immediately be optimised for performance which is part of this package service.

What do you mean?

1 Year of Security Updates

The WordPress team will provide your WordPress powered site with security updates, we'll make sure that these updates are applied.

WordPress CMS

Publish content on-demand.

9 years experience

Design concepts 2
Additional pages 5
Custom content requirements 4
Blog Yes
Enquiry form Yes
Social media integration Yes
Domain name 1 year
Web hosting 1 year
Server configuration Yes
Search engine optimised Yes
Security updates 1 year
Quarterly Traffic Reports Yes

Send us your project details and we'll prepare your first invoice.

Studio Crafted require a project brief which you can supply by clicking "Get Started" below. Your project will be billed over 3 payments split into percentages of 40%, 40% and 20% to the total of £800.00. Additional services are billed seperately and Studio Crafted will advise accordingly.

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