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Content Management System for dynamic web sites

This is a comprehensive and purpose built WordPress theme package which aims to provide a robust, performant and future-proof web site.

WordPress is a platform that your CMS will be delivered on with this package and comes with many fantastic features developed with GPL2 License.

You will be able to manage blog posts, pages and custom content types to match your site requirements.

How long will it take, what can I expect?

The project will take between 6 weeks to 3 months, I like to add the extra time to make sure your project can reach its best potential. You'll get access to a studiocrafted account where you can always look at the progress of the development, read build plans, engage with me about any changes you wish and pay invoices. It's a really nice system in constant development.

So everything is taken care of?

Everything will be taken care of, I will listen to your original specification and deliver everything you need to have your own independent platform and web site.

There will be a recurring yearly fee for the web hosting and domain name renewal after the initial project has been completed.

Looking for a concept first?

You can have some original concept work created first for 10% of the total fee.
Opt out at any time but I do want your project to succeed.

I'm ready to send you the info

Custom Web Form

In this package a custom / bespoke web form will be built and integrated directly to your system for you to follow up on any enquiries.

I want to know more about a Bespoke service

Web Hosting

You'll be provided with 1 year of web hosting and billed annually. For smaller or more basic sites you usually wont incur additional costs.

More info about Web Hosting please

Domain Name

You may select a domain name to go with this package, £20.00 of the overall budget will be allocated to this or you can supply your own.

Search Engine Friendly

studiocrafted sites are search engine friendly from the beginning, however should you look for improved rankings then this is an additional fee.

I might need S.E.O also, tell me more

Optimised for Speed

Projects designed, developed and handed to studiocrafted can immediately be optimised for performance which is part of this package service.

What do you mean?

1 Year of Security Updates

The WordPress team will provide your WordPress powered site with security updates, we'll make sure that these updates are applied.


studiocrafted will enable custom post types and taxonomies for you to publish your content articulately and not litter your database with junk.

I'll make sure you have your site; as intended - the WordPress way.

So far studiocrafted has seen 100% customer satisfaction I am pleased to continue this service.

WordPress Blog Integration

Many site owners like to have a supplementary blog attached to their web site. This can be utilised to showcase topical, business or industry centric news.

WordPress traditionally catered for just this, and now 17 years on since its release it's the most popular solution on the web.

studiocrafted always look to enable you with the functionality to match your publishing needs.

Extra: Multi-site WordPress

For the more adventurous of bloggers, WordPress has a feature that has gained traction over the years since it was first introduced as a multi-user service.

studiocrafted can comprehensively bring this feature to you as an advanced WordPress platform. This is an extra outside the scope of this package but it was worth putting on your horizon if blogging will be a key component of your theme design & development.

Additional functionality of most types can be added to this package and billed additionally.

Project Legacy

Going forward when your site has been completed you will have documentation provided in order to manage the site on your own, the code driving this project will be lean and optimised and you're hosting environment will deliver both security and speed.

I'll make sure you get all the latest content delivery benefits to make sure best practices of web development are available and you can run your web site with peace of mind and less headaches.

You can come back to studiocrafted at any time for enhancements and changes to your project which will be billable at a fair price that is reflective of the total package cost.

I do not offer services with hidden fees and costs that are inflated.

The package

Everything on this page delivered for a fixed fee.


Extra plugins

Audit and integration (exemptions apply).

£100.00 per plugin

Web hosting

You'll get access to industry leading web hosting for 1 year.

Included for 1 year

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is WordPress?

    WordPress is the Worlds most popular Content Management System (CMS) which is Open Source and developed by a core team of paid professionals.

  2. How long have you been doing WordPress development?

    I've worked with WordPress professionally for 10 years, I've developed small presentational web sites and successful communities on the platform.

  3. What's involved?

    Use my Start a project form and supply your requirements, from there we will agree a plan and begin developing. It can take up to 3 months to deliver a project like but the aim is to go live within 6 weeks.

  4. Do I own the project files?

    With all studiocrafted projects I ask you specifically to identify this, for a nominal fee you can own the files involved in the final theme and do with them as you see fit.

  5. How do I pay you?

    I don't expect a 100% immediately, I usually break this type of project into 3 payments over the duration of the project. The final payment will activate your site and you will go live.

  6. GDPR compliance?

    Yes, I will make sure your live web site adheres to GDPR rules.

  7. Can we meet for a coffee?

    Absolutely, I love coffee! It would be great to arrange a Zoom conference during the development. This will give us both a picture of the working relationship, I'm always open to new ideas too!

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