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eCommerce developer

All you need, plus more to sell online.

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Sell Online with an eCommerce web site

I offer a custom package designed to suit your online commerce goals and needs. From overall usability to functional requirements and accessibility for all audiences. To achieve and enable this, a combination of WordPress and a popular selling platform called WooCommerce will be utilised. An alternative of WP eCommerce can be used upon request.

Power at your Finger Tips

This will be a project ranging from 2 to 4 months and you will be provided with a robust and well made eCommerce solution that will ease the marketing needs of your business and allow you to explore selling channels online.

You'll have a feature rich platform that can be managed in-house or by me at planned intervals for a maintenance fee.

The combination of WordPress and WooCommerce have been supported as Open Source for a long time and grew up through a busy community, this leads to a better suite of tools and legacy as you go forward with updates and new features.

Starter project?

I can give you an overall concept for 10% of the project fee and you can opt out at any time.

I'm ready to build my shop

Shop Management

Orders can be browsed and managed, shop settings applied and various product related information can be viewed or edited with this packaged solution.

Products Directory

A products directory will be the hub to many of your products and we'll make sure it fits well with what your online sales goals are and we'll even give you some layout options.

Product Pages

We'll make interactive product pages so that SC are able to meet your expectations with goods for sale to highlight all the information required.


Checkout pages will be built right into to your store to streamline the process for customers buying online.

Payment Service Providers

At time of writing SC can offer PayPal, Stripe and Amazon Pay as a provider with this package. For an additional fee more can be integrated directly to your store.


In this package all WordPress features will be cared for and the blog is no exception, we'll make sure you have a nicely styled and functional supplementary blog.

Showcase Pages

From time to time you may wish to create a stand-alone page to highlight a specific product you are selling, we'll make sure to give you 2 additional templates to utilise.

Product Reviews

Customers can leave star ratings and reviews on individual products, another feature we'll take care and attention with.

Custom Web Form

Directly into your site will be a bespoke web form matching your requirements, this could be for customer service or general enquiries.

Web Hosting

Web hosting will be in place for this package and in tandem with everything else studiocrafted can get you from offline to online when the project is delivered.

Domain Name

Tell us the domain name you'd like to use with this project if you don't already own it and we'll register it on your behalf with a max spend of £20 as part of the package.

Optimised, Accessible and Secure

We'll make sure that your site can be found on search engines, we'll make your site is accessible to all users on any device and it will be a super fast web site. Furthermore we'll apply the latest security updates.

Design Concepts: The Look and Feel

My experience developing online shops offers you a sound resource for business needs to technical implementations.

I will create 2 overall styles for your online shop and even provide alternatives should the first 2 drafts fail to meet your expectations.

All work is completed by me, Alistair.

Steady development

You'll see steady progress as the project is developed with clear milestones and you'll be able to engage with the projects development on the way. You will not be shut out and can help lead or be more passive as the project is progressed.

Payments will be broken into managable amounts and deliverables will be marked clearly. This is a plus to your business not an excessive chore with another "web designer".

Project Legacy

I am confident that your project can be successful with my services. This will lead to a better turnover and give you new areas to explore online with fresh and interactive designs.

I can work as a project lead or take instruction from you or your Project Manager. This can all be managed through your studiocrafted account.

An upper limit of 4 months is put on this project to be delivered by and with all my packages adjustments, edits or change requests are handled internally through your account, via email or telephone.

The package

Everything on this page delivered for a fixed fee.


Extra plugins

Audit and integration (exemptions apply).

£100.00 per plugin

Web hosting

You'll get access to industry leading web hosting for 1 year.

Included for 1 year

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is WooCommerce?

    WooCommerce is a large plugin that extends the functionality of WordPress to provide eCommerce functionality to both administrators and end users. It's a comprehensive system that has many types of scenarios to cover your selling goals online.

  2. Have you built many dedicated online shops?

    I've developed online shops using Magento, WP eCommerce, Open Cart and built custom solutions that are more bespoke. As a package WooCommerce is my chosen platform as it deliver on lots of core functionality and makes the process faster.

  3. How does this work then?

    When you start a project that's the first step, we may then have more discussion about the goals of the project and during the process we will have planned meetings at set intervals. It will be a fulfilling process and I always strive to excel.

  4. Do I own the project files?

    With all studiocrafted projects I ask you specifically to identify this, for a nominal fee you can own the files involved in the final theme and do with them as you see fit.

  5. Payment structure

    I think 35% / 35% and 30% is a fair structure, but I am flexible. I prefer to take payments online but can also do bank transfers and cheques (as long as they don't bounce hehe).

  6. GDPR

    Your online shop will be fully GDPR compliant, you will receive updates and information if changes to legislation are made.

  7. Can we meet for a coffee?

    Yes, no problem at all. I travel within a reasonable radius of Dunfermline, Fife but do ask that my travel expenses are covered.

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