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Community sites for user groups and more

Working with both WordPress & BuddyPress - studiocrafted will be able to implement all the required functionality for your community to perform as intended.

All projects are treated with care and attention which receive industry standard development processes until goals are met. You'll be kept in the loop through your account with studiocrafted.

Our end goal with a build like this is to offer a complete WordPress & BuddyPress theme with additional functionality supported through bespoke plugin development.

Less risk payment

Not sure about building a full community site? Initial draft work can be done for 10% of the total fee.
You can opt out at any stage of development but I do want your project succeed.

Click to send me the project info

Profile Pages

Users will have a dynamic profile page that shows their timeline, public details and other relevant information that can be enabled and disabled as required.


Group pages are available in this package. Groups can be used for members to engage directly with each other over a specific topic or theme.

Timelines and Activity

Timelines relate to the network and to individual users, this is a great hub to allow your community to stay up to date with each other through daily activity.


Users can be kept in the loop being notified by both email and on-site to their inbox, this functionality can be enhanced at a later date.


The full ecosystem of WordPress user permissions plus that of BuddyPress, enables moderators and admins for your network to curate content and activities.

The Joy of WordPress

This is WordPress at the core and all the benefits you may already expect are available in this project, SC will make sure everything works as it should.

Custom Web Form

A custom web form will be offered should you wish those browsing your site to be able to contact a designated liason of your community.

Web Hosting

Entry level web hosting will be offered initially and that's part of the package, should your community needs grow SC can scale both hardware and resources to match.

More info about Web Hosting please

Domain Name

Choose a domain for the project and we'll register it on your behalf with a max spend of £20.00, if you have an existing domain we'll need you to provide us with the details.

Search Engine Friendly

Your community will be search engine friendly from the outset with our experience in community sites being at the forefront of the end product.

I might need S.E.O also, tell me more

Optimised for Speed

Another area in which studiocrafted can help your project excel is with our expertise in performance optimisation in all aspects of your community site.

What do you mean?

1 Year of Security Updates

Communities offer more functionality and we'll make sure the latest WordPress and BuddyPress patches are applied plus our own expertise built right in.


studiocrafted will enable custom post types and taxonomies for you to publish your content articulately and not litter your database with junk.

I'll make sure you have your site; as intended - the WordPress way.

So far studiocrafted has seen 100% customer satisfaction I am pleased to continue this service.

Extra: Bespoke functionality and more

Community sites with all offered functionality in this page are complete and can be managed with good success by individuals and smaller teams.

Projects built from the beginning by studiocrafted will have a strong legacy code foot print, this means additional functionality can always be incorporated when workable.

Forum integrations and online shops can also be added to this project for an additional fee.

Interface and Layout Concepts

This type of project is larger in scope and studiocrafted will offer 2 design concepts created in-house. Our works over the years have received design awards.

SC will respect existing brands and guidance from you when a project spec is supplied.

Extra: Multi-site WordPress

Understanding the areas of development studiocrafted will be able to efficiently incorporate a suitable design that will flow through all of your community pages.

It may take between 3 and 5 months for this project to be fully delivered.

studiocrafted wont be re-inventing the wheel but occasionally you might like our out-the-box design process that has led to the measured success of community sites SC have worked on in the past.

Forward facing

As a package utilising a combination of WordPress and BuddyPress studiocrafted will implement and articulate your project goals inline with the current core features shipped with both WordPress & Buddypress.

Coding standards and conventions will be met for both platforms to ensure longevity of your project.

You will be in a steady position with this package development to further enhance your project further down the road.

The package

Everything on this page delivered for a fixed fee.


Extra plugins

Audit and integration (exemptions apply).

£100.00 per plugin

Web hosting

You'll get access to industry leading web hosting for 1 year.

Included for 1 year

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is BuddyPress?

    BuddyPress is a plugin built for WordPress which offers social network like features in order to run a community site. With support for timelines, user groups and private messaging to name a few.

  2. You've done this for a while?

    Yes, I've always maintained my knowledge with BuddyPress although it is a less common project for me to work on. I have developed community sites used by many thousands of users and also written articles for working within the platform in the past.

  3. What's involved?

    It's a large project and you'll be frequently updated about the progress.

  4. Do I own the project files?

    With all studiocrafted projects I ask you specifically to identify this, for a nominal fee you can own the files involved in the final theme and do with them as you see fit.

  5. How do I pay you?

    I'm open to suggestions but a base setting of 35% / 35% and 30% is usually the fairest way.

  6. GDPR

    Yes, both WordPress and BuddyPress have taken steps to ensure GDPR is at the core of the platform, and I will make sure that the core of your project mimics this plus more.

  7. Can we meet for a coffee?

    No problem, if it's possible - let's do that.

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