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Working on-site for 2 months Studio Crafted developed a niche content management system to beta.

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What was involved?

Studio Crafted were hired as an on-site employee to consult with a company who run a number of hostels throughout Scotland.

We provided performance reviews, identified goals and aims for any updates and successfully developed an early release candidate to manage in house the projects at hand.

Initial Steps

First we compiled a number of reports assessing any current online offerings of the company which allowed us to have metrics to look at as a team of Staff. From here we looked at both WordPress as a content management system and developing something bespoke.

We concluded that a bespoke offering was more suited to this project and outlined any functional requirements and an estimate time-frame to deliver on the requirements.


We determined that a performant and well optimised PHP project was to be the chosen technology and followed standard code practices as functionalities were developed.

One of our goals was to manage multiple domains from a single back-end entity, Studio Crafted built a solution that allowed resources to be shared and delivered over a pseudo CDN (content delivery network).

Customer Service

Building a live chat feature enabled existing customer service to reach a little further. Staff within the hostels organisation are pro-active, capable and helpful. We wanted to enable that skill-set and reach customers through a live chat system. This system was able to span multiple domains and accept customer queries.

Data Protection

We remained data compliant and matched the requirements of the new GDPR rules for the European Union.

A demo of this project can be supplied upon request.

Live Chat

Live chat was developed using AJAX and enabled Staff to speak directly to customers about booking related queries.

Live Chat Preview for Hostel Manager Site

Site Manager

The site manager has a number of content management features and allows for updates to the primary domains.

CMS Preview for Hostel Manager Site
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