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Over a 10 month time-frame Studio Crafted worked on-site with a Property Company.

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The work we did

Working on-site for just under a year, Studio Crafted carried out a number of tasks and commenced developing a system for a property letting company.

Project Management

Working with a number of a people the project got off the ground with an early one time concept and prototype which was utilised for a shorter time-frame.

This was a good exercise to identify the fuller requirements of the public facing web application and internal aspects to the build whilst running a project beta.

Feedback and Version Control

Having worked with the team, feedback was gathered through traffic reports and site surveys. We initiated version control for the codebase and continued to work within agile methodologies.

Bespoke Development

This project was bespoke and developed within MVC architecture. This maintained a good level of coding standards whilst delivering on project goals.


We identified the requirements and paid attention to how end users would interact with the product. Documentation was created and help pages organised for future reference.


We were able to make sure contrast and scalability within a given browser was respected. The system is fully responsive and accessible on the web over a secure connection. This means both visual and physically impaired individuals can make use of the project, whilst following the latest security patterns.

Maintenance & Performance

Final work on this project was implemented in December of 2017 and a maintenance hand-over was documented.

Due to an NDA we are unable to show a live preview of this project.

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