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WordPress Overview

A short article highlighting some expected functionality and potential use cases for WordPress.

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What is WordPress?

WordPress is a powerful content management system that can be treated as a entirely free, pay for premiums or bespoke development. Sometimes a combination of all.

Being a catch-all platform each use case has its merits and pitfalls.

Static Pages and a Blog

Using WordPress for static pages and blog posts is where WordPress began, it can be a great solution for a personal site showing artisan like content. With a bit of learning and administration know-how a publisher can do that comprehensively.

With new functionality (called Gutenberg) coming to WordPres 5.0 both pages and posts from an editorial / publishing point of view will become much more presentational introducing a layout engine to the core of WordPress post and page creation. This was previously only available through shortcodes which are hard to write for a typical user and plugins (which weren't always great to use).

Enhanced Functionality

Enhanced functionality can come in a number of a ways, through the use of Open-Source plugins written specifically for WordPress, premium plugins written specifically for WordPress or custom functionality that comes with a theme downloaded for free, purpose built or purchased.

Two examples of enhanced functionality could be selling products through your WordPress powered site or having a social network for users of your site to become friends with each other and chat.

The previous two examples can come directly with plugins, namely WooCommerce and BuddyPress (there are others).

It's more than a plugin

Being Open-Source to the core with a GPL2 license all code under WordPress can be modified and built upon to match your requirements. Wether this is something written from the very beginning or on-top of an existing plugin like BuddyPress or WooCommerce.

This means that should you wish to invest in your WordPress eco system a project can be built with WordPress and taken any direction desired.

Custom Content Requirements?

For custom content matters WordPress has built-in functionality for this scenario. Provided the scope is reasonable, a Developer can expose custom content types in a 'post' like way. Instead of "Posts" you will have "Books" or "Movies" or "Recipes" for example.


Although WordPress is an award winning system and powers a large portion of web sites on the internet today, it's not always the most practical solution to a problem. Studio Crafted will consult with you to help advise on the correct path to take your project.

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