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Web Design Services

Accessibility as an extra for all services is advised. What's accessibility?

Bespoke Web Development

Bespoke projects

Building a project from the very beginning can be rewarding and result driven.

  • Work with a vision.
  • Design and develop within a project.
  • Work with industry standards.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design

Reaching all audiences becomes a device agnostic process. Studio Crafted have you covered.

  • Take a mobile first approach.
  • Build a solid foundation.
  • Show you the results.

Performance on Rails

Did you know Studio Crafted can make your project perform as a top 10% site. This means not only are you fast, but your users enjoy the experience also.

WordPress Design and Development

WordPress design & development

WordPress is a popular Content Management System which helps you manage your site.

  • Create fresh designs.
  • Build unique functionality.
  • Updates and security Fixes.

Web site maintenance

Site maintenance

Taking checks to ensure your site is well looked after can lead to an engaging experience.

  • Integrate new features.
  • Refine data I/O.
  • Optimise graphics.

Getting Found

Google is always changing how your site is indexed, Studio Crafted will work and experiment to make sure your site gets found.

SEO Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Studio Crafted can help you reach the high ranking pages of the major search engines.

  • Work within your existing audience.
  • Implement a targetted plan.
  • Liaise results

Web Standards

All of our services are based on web standards, and taking time to create the right solution for you is important to us.

Studio Crafted build legacy driven, accessible web sites using the latest techniques.

Web Hosting

Web hosting

Security and performance, this begins with a great web host.

  • Work with a leading web host.
  • Tested in many scenarios.
  • Happy to extend this affiliation.

User Experience

User Experience

Let us work with you and realise your online ambitions to reach the target audience.

  • Conduct market research.
  • Create visuals and goals.
  • Monitor progress.

Have a Purpose

When you have a purpose it becomes a task of going from A to B. As a web technology partner Studio Crafted can do that for you.

Content Creation

Content creation

Modular and organic content can be created by us as one-time or frequent updates.

  • Conduct market research or take lead.
  • Convey a message.
  • Create content with technology.

Project planning

Project planning

Studio Crafted can help you visualise and figure out how your application will come together.

  • Offer a structured approach.
  • Be articulate.
  • Offer experience.

The Right Technology

Studio Crafted employs secure and robust technology practices whilst building for all the major web platforms from mobile to desktop.

Systems training

Systems training

Instruction can be provided in order to learn about and how to use the tools Studio Crafted deliver.

  • Studio Crafted look at the challenges you face.
  • Studio Crafted identify a learning path.
  • Offer technical assistance.

Progressive web apps

Progressive Web Apps

Studio Crafted can build progressive web apps and single page applications.

  • Built for speed.
  • Limited scope and functionality.
  • Serve a distinct purpose.

Hands on Development

We are pleased and proud that all services listed on this page can be designed and delivered tin-house.

We do not recruit zero hours contracts.

Projects are designed and developed in an organised and timely way.

Trusted Web Activity

Trusted Web Activity

Trusted Web Activites is a platform to put well made web applications into app stores like Play and Apple.

  • Tighter native integration of web apps.
  • Monetize your web app.
  • Expand your audience.

Ready to Start?

If you see a service listed on the page, and have read about the details and how Studio Crafted can help. We'd love to hear about your next project.

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