StudioCrafted Bespoke web solutions

Web Design Services

Responsive web design

Reaching all audiences becomes a device agnostic process. We have you covered.

  • Take a mobile first approach.
  • Build a solid foundation.
  • Show you the results.

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Bespoke projects

Building a project from the very beginning can be rewarding and result driven.

  • Work with a vision.
  • Design and Develop within a project.
  • Work with industry standards.

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WordPress design & development

WordPress is a popular Content Management System which helps you manage your site.

  • Create Fresh Designs.
  • Build Unique Functionality.
  • Updates and Security Fixes.

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Site maintenance

Taking checks to ensure your site is well looked after can lead to an engaging experience.

  • Integrate New Features.
  • Refine Data I/O.
  • Optimise Graphics.

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Performance improvements

Software and hardware based improvements can be implemented in a number of ways.

  • Audit project.
  • Implement solutions.
  • Liase results.

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Web hosting

Security and performance, this begins with a great web host.

  • Work with a leading web host.
  • Tested in many scenarios.
  • Happy to extend this affiliation.

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User Experience

Let us work with you and realise your online ambitions to reach the target audience.

  • Conduct Market Research.
  • Create visuals and goals.
  • Monitor progress.

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Content creation

Modular and organic content can be created by us as one-time or frequent updates.

  • Conduct market research or take lead.
  • Convey a message.
  • Create content with technology.

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Project planning

We can help you visualise and figure out how your application will come together.

  • Offer a structured approach.
  • Be articulate.
  • Offer experience.

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Systems training

Instruction can be provided in order to learn about and how to use the tools we deliver.

  • We look at the challenges you face.
  • We identify a learning path.
  • Offer technical assistance.

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Advice and Consulting

When you need to sound-off a few ideas and gather feedback from a professional.

  • Offer project discussion.
  • Be friendly and personable.
  • Be problem solvers.

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