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Web Design Scotland

Should you feel any combination of my services is a good fit then please use the advanced project submission form to detail your project.

studiocrafted can work for individuals and companies large and small.

Bespoke development

This can be an articulate and fulfilling process in which I have the ability to deliver on many types of projects and functionality.

Bespoke development icon
  • Bespoke development is entirely your idea, I will translate your idea into working web applications and pages.

  • When I work on bespoke projects whether it's WordPress, CodeIgniter or Angular I maintain the legacy aspects of your project by writing reusable code when possible.

  • You'll get something that will be built with style and lays the foundation of your own platform.

  • Allow users to subscribe to your web applications, this can be based on member signups and participation.

Responsive web sites

I will build your project so that users on all types of devices from mobile to tablet and desktop get a great experience.

Responsive web design icon
  • Responsive web design caters for all platforms from OSX and iOS on Apple devices to Android in its various forms to Microsoft Windows old and new and absolutely Linux operating systems like Ubuntu.

  • Responsive web design when implemented correctly leads to a better experience on all devices, it takes an attention to detail and the ability to work with a number of techniques to do this well.

  • Expectations are higher and having a dedicated mobile site is not the done thing, this should be a graceful expectation and very much is the norm.

  • Following the guidance of the web industry responsive web design is the done thing, not supporting various devices and form factors is breaking a trend and an unwritten standard.

WordPress development

I have been developing WordPress powered web sites since 2009 and can offer both plugin and theme development.

WordPress logo
  • Not only do you have the ability to create custom designs and functionality for WordPress there are existing themes available should you decide to change at any time.

  • WordPress is maintained by a dedicated team of staff and regular updates for bugs, security, performance and experience are published.

  • WordPress is written well, has great performance and is powering some of the most popular web sites on the web today. It has a great UI and a fantastic developer community.

  • Through plugins and theme specific settings you can control functionality, presentation, performance and output in WordPress. It's a great choice.


I can create great shopping experiences that lead to increased turnover and better engagement.

WooCommerce logo
  • Bringing any number of products to a market place should be represented well in order to sell effectively. I can deliver on this.

  • You can expect to increase your turnover by reaching new and existing markets online.

  • Run time based promotions and discounts that are customisable to match your exact needs through existing or newly developed shopping experiences

  • Use the power of online selling to reach out to previous buyers, gain feedback and provide great customer service.

Community sites

I've built popular communities used by thousands and contributed learning articles to the area.

BuddyPress logo
  • A community site allows your audience to connect with your content and each other.

  • Community sites can function fantastically for niche subjects like cookery classes, shared learning hubs, media outlets and events.

  • Social network sites offer a level engagement beyond the scope of presentational type content, it can be a really fun and dynamic place.

  • Enhancements like online commerce and media can be integrated for your community members.

Web site accessibility

I always want to create experiences online that are available to all users, this can be a retrospective or original process.

Accessibility logo
  • It's wrong to discriminate and studiocrafted offers development of an all round experience, for the many and not the few.

  • Legal process can find you acting with criminality if you do not take appropriate steps to offer an accessible experience.

  • Accessible practice and techniques in web design leads to better experiences for all.

  • Accessibility has standards unto itself monitored, consolidated, implemented and documented by the World Wide Web Consortium.

Site maintenance

Offering peace of mind to my customers through on-going maintenance leads to stronger security and better performance.

Site maintenance icon
  • New features can be added or built upon through maintenance updates and releases.

  • Through monitoring your site optimisations can be offered on many aspects of a project.

  • Market new content and products in maintenance updates.

  • Security problems may arise and it's important I can offer you patches in response to these issues.

SEO and Online Advertising

Reaching number 1 on Google for local search was my highlight from 2019, I am happy to share my success and deliver on campaigns.

Search Engine Optimisation icon
  • I can help your site be found with searchable terms online in various search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

  • I can help you figure out why your site is not performing and offer solutions to improve.

  • I can monitor traffic and create reports based on your required frequency.

  • I can run advertising campaigns through Pay Per Click, Email campaigns (mail shots) and other forms of marketing like social media.

Performance improvements

Software and hardware based improvements can be implemented in a number of ways.

Performance icon
  • I can audit existing projects and implement solutions to improve performance.

  • Suggested solutions can be implemented on demand.

  • I am familiar with a number of data structures from MySQL to flat file storage, I can implement these changes in order to improve performance.

  • As with all my key services reports can be compiled to show exact improvements over time.

Web hosting

I host my web sites with a leading UK web host. There are two options, save some money and host with me or start a fresh account with SiteGround for yourself.

Hosting icon
  • SiteGround offer well made hosting that has been "Crafted" much like studiocrafted. They have innovated the norm and provide a great all round experience.

  • From advanced configurations to email hosting and performance optimisations, an array of services from my chosen provider are available.

  • Offering solid technology and appropriate plans Site Ground is a company that are doing well in the web hosting space.

  • I have found SiteGround to be performant and value focussed, that's why I choose them as my hosting provider.

User experience

I can work with an existing project to improve the user experience.

User experience icon
  • Based on your market I will create an experience that aims to enhance current performance.

  • I can create new visuals and integrate with an existing brand.

  • Through user surveys and performance analytics I can create reports to demonstrate progress.

  • If your original project flopped by hiring a poor design company I can help lift your project by increasing the return on original investment.

Content creation

I can create keyword focussed and searchable content for relevant topics or simply interpret existing content into new formats.

Content creation icon
  • Through well written English I can convey your ideas in summaries, and more in-depth articles.

  • I am a native English speaker, I can create screencasts to go with your content.

  • As an experienced WordPress user I am more than happy to work and publish within any existing installations you may have.

  • Although I don't develop with Drupal at the moment I have worked as a content publisher using the popular CCK module for magazine like articles.

Project planning

I can help visualise your goals and figure out the details of going online.

Planning icon
  • Having a plan is applicable to many aspects of business, a digital development roadmap is no different. I can help you figure out how to take your project forward.

  • I am a strong communicator and able to articulate and convey complex ideas for your business to a team.

  • I am able to offer planning that matches your online business expectations through my personal experiences.

  • Having a plan to work from is an initial expense but valuable when resources are required.

Systems training

When I build bespoke solutions for your project there may be a learning curve involved, similarly for Content Management Systems like WordPress. I can offer training here.

Training icon
  • I can listen to you and look out for the knowledge gaps in the platform you are working with. Keeping this in mind tuition can be crafted to match your needs.

  • For multiple learning goals I will create various paths required to make sure a taylored curriculum is available.

  • Further to documentation I can make myself available at set times throughout the week to answer questions and provide practical examples.

  • Any documentation created will be placed as an online resource for you or your team to access 24/7.

Progressive web apps

Enhancing a web project to become a Progressive Web Application by definition offers new functionality and helps to cater for things like offline experiences.

PWA logo
  • I'll take your project to an advanced level by making sure all areas perform quickly, this leads to a better user experience consequentially.

  • We can identify a scope within the parameters of a PWA. This may include select content and functionality.

  • We will identify the purpose and if practical build this functionality into the PWA.

  • We can utilise the offline functionality available as a Progressive Web App, this leads to user retention and consistency.

Trusted web activity (experimental)

This is a new area of functionality available to projects hosted on the Open Web. Your project should it become a TWA can be found in app stores for Google and Apple.

TWA logo
  • Build a project for the open web using all the great technology we know and love and create an app like experience, offer sellable functionality to your TWA within app stores.

  • Reach a wider audience by having a web project that is searchable within the Google Play store or the Apple app store.

  • TWA projects are downloadable and installable from app stores, with the right combination of tooling we can utilise more native functionality that may be found in smart phones.

  • TWA projects are relatively new and can be considered as exploratory to a degree.

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