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StudioCrafted Can build responsive sites


Reaching all audiences becomes a device agnostic process. We have you covered.

  • Take a mobile first approach
  • Build a solid foundation
  • Show you the results
Site Maintenance
StudioCrafted Can Help you Stand out

Build for your Audience

Let us work with you and realise your online ambitions to reach the target audience.

  • Conduct Market Research
  • Create visuals and goals
  • Monitor progress
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StudioCrafted Can Get You Online

Provide Web Hosting

It's important you have security and performance, this begins with a great web host.

  • Work with a leading web host
  • Tested in many scenarios
  • Happy to extend this affiliation
Site Maintenance
StudioCrafted Can Make Site Improvements

Site Maintenance

Taking steps to ensure your site is well looked after can lead to an engaging and ever-green experience.

  • Integrate New Features
  • Refine Data I/O
  • Optimise Graphics
  • Publish Fresh Content
Site Maintenance
StudioCrafted Can Help You Climb

Search Engine Optimisation

We can help you reach the high ranking pages of the major search engines.

  • Work within your existing audience
  • Implement a targetted plan
  • Liaise results
Site Maintenance
StudioCrafted Can Make You Fast

Improve Performance

Software and hardware based improvements can be implemented in a number of ways.

  • Audit project
  • Implement solutions
  • Liase results
Site Maintenance
StudioCrafted Can Build With WordPress

WordPress Theming and Plugins

WordPress is a popular Content Management System which helps you manage your own site.

  • Create Fresh Designs
  • Build Unique Functionality
  • Updates and Security Fixes
  • Training and Hand-over
Site Maintenance
StudioCrafted Can Publish content

Content Creation

Modular and organic content can be created by us as one-time or frequent updates.

  • Conduct market research or take lead
  • Convey a message
  • Create content with technology
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StudioCrafted Can Show Your Unique Side

Bespoke Projects

Building a project from the very beginning can be rewarding and result driven.

  • Work with a vision
  • Design and Develop within a project
  • Work with industry standards
  • Deployments
Site Maintenance
StudioCrafted Can organise

Project Architecture

We can help you visualise and figure out how your application will flow.

  • Offer a structured approach
  • Be articulate
  • Offer experience
  • Plan a roadmap
Site Maintenance
StudioCrafted Can Teach You

Instructional Training

We can help you learn the tools we build or deliver to you for management.

  • We look at the challenges you face
  • We identify a learning path
  • Offer technical assistance
Site Maintenance
StudioCrafted Can Give Advice

Consult with You

When you need to sound-off a few ideas and gather feedback from an industry professional.

  • Offer project discussion
  • Be friendly and personable
  • Be problem solvers
  • Version Control
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JS
  • React
  • PHP
  • WordPress
  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • Stripe
  • PayPal
  • MailChimp

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