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Bespoke development

Well made custom solutions
Bespoke Web Development

Custom web solutions and bespoke web site design services are for those looking for a technology partner, maybe an ideal build plan and a go-live approximation.

Client driven experience means that SC are able to drive and deliver in a project, both the quality and value required.

Time-frames may vary from project to project.

Concept to Completion

Your idea is unique, it's all about your idea. Let us run with that idea for a while and show you what Studio Crafted can do.

Standards based

Studio Crafted follow conventions and web standards which will improve your legacy foot-print and allow for future co-authoring.

Complete solutions

From server configuration through to design interactions and style-guides Studio Crafted aim to provide a full-spectrum service.


Provided some Open-Source licenses are respected Studio Crafted are happy to hand the project files to you for a nominal fee.

Service Manager

Using our unique project management platform here on Studio Crafted you will be able to login to pay invoices and see frequent updates with progress reports, build plans, milestones information and have the ability to make change requests.

Ready with a Project?

Price estimates guide
Bespoke Web Development
Low price solutions

Our hope is to build long standing and healthy working relationships, Studio Crafted want to be the goto company you choose for development.

The prices reflected on this page are by no means final, however Studio Crafted are willing to engage with reasonable budgets and expectations.

1 month of active development

Studio Crafted will commit to you and only you for 1 month.

Estimate: £1,250

Service Manager Yes
Online billing Yes
Voice meetings 4
Change requests Yes
Progress reports 2

3 months active development

Lengthier projects will require more coffee and weekends off.

Estimate: £4,250

Service Manager Yes
Online billing Yes
Voice meetings 12
Change requests Yes
Progress reports 6

3 months+ active development

We're committed to you and your projects, let's do this.

Min: £5,000

Service Manager Yes
Online billing Yes
Voice meetings Weekly / Ad-hoc
Change requests Yes
Progress reports 1 p/w
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