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Design with Accessibility

Build for the collective, not the part
Progressive Web App

Accessibility is found in all walks of life and can be found on traffic lights to door steps with side railings. The internet is no different.

Users can engage with your content through a number of ways, from experimental dynamic brail technologies to commonly found text to speech readers. It is our aim to make sure all projects have some form of basic accessibility.

Not building accessible web sites is a missed opportunity, a potential legal case against you for discrimination and generally rude.


Accessible web sites should include support for any number of user interactions including all physical ability.


People are people, right? So it's important that every person has access to your project on the internet.

A Better Web

An all encompassing experience makes for a better web, it means your content can be found and engaged with.

It's a legal requirement to build accessible web sites, you don't wish to end up with a discrimination law suit.

Reach more, include more, it's forward

Building accessible web sites just makes sense, yes it becomes an after thought when you have specific goals but Studio Crafted will make sure your projects are on the right track from the beginning through all of our development services.

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Service costs

It's part of our service aims to design & develop accessible web sites through technologies Studio Crafted use.

Accessibility is part of web standards and Studio Crafted aim to adhere to these more often than not.


Studio Crafted can take your existing WordPress site and integrate accessibility.

Starts: £400.00

Pages Yes
Posts Yes
Custom Post Types Yes
Plugins Yes


Custom projects can receive accessibility treatments through SC.

Starts: £400.00

Existing codebase Yes
New codebase Yes
Pages 5


Complex and bespoke systems can be made more accesssible.

Starts: £400.00

Existing codebase Yes
New codebase Yes
Wikis Yes
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