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Site performance

Speed boost for you web site
Performance Improvements

Specifically Studio Crafted offer performance gains to Apache web servers and web sites that run PHP driven web applications. There are a number of scenarios that may match this criteria.

WordPress, CodeIgniter, Laravel, Open Cart, Magento and Joomla are all examples of PHP driven web applications, and also custom projects Studio Crafted can optimise and improve.

Studio Crafted offer front-end performance improvements with lessons learned of cross browser compatibility, SC are sure that if your site is in need of a boost Studio Crafted have a solution for you.


With a good understanding on front-end design Studio Crafted can help improve performance for client driven experiences.


Studio Crafted work with Apache based web servers and employ a number of techniques to get the best from the hardware.


Working with a code-based system Studio Crafted are able to improve performance after evaluating existing processes.


For combinations of systems Studio Crafted can create bespoke solutions to get the most from your project as a whole.

Measured performance

Any results and improvements Studio Crafted can make to your project will be reported through metrics so that it becomes clear the gains you may have received.

Projects developed by Studio Crafted from the beginning will have a base level set through our standards based design and development services.

Price estimates guide
Performance Improvements
Price estimates

Performance gains can come in a number of ways, Studio Crafted have broken down some introductory pricing as a guide at this stage.

Front-end 1 page

Studio Crafted will identify areas in which your front-end can perform better.

Starts: £150.00

Code Audit Yes
Taylored Plan Yes
Implementation Yes
Result Report Yes

Server optimisations

Studio Crafted will integrate a combination of server optimisations.

Starts: £200.00

Inspection Yes
Taylored Plan Yes
Implementation Yes
Result Report Yes

Project Reviews

Working with an eco-system Studio Crafted can improve in various aspects.

Starts: £500.00

Inspection Yes
Taylored Plan Yes
Implementation Yes
Result Report Yes
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