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Search Engine Optimisation

Guided steps taken for you to be found
SEO Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is a combination of techniques which help your site get found by others using specific keyword searches.

It's important to recognise that there are a number of techniques for your site to be found, this may include a targetted marketing strategy or a social media campaign.

Ultimately if you believe in the product, service or content you are offering then naturally you'd like it to be found, discovered and shared online.

Studio Crafted are able to offer S.E.O as a service to help cover you with the technical aspects of this process.

Strategy Help

Studio Crafted can create a tangible search engine optimisation strategy to match your needs which can later be implemented.


As part of your strategy Studio Crafted can implement any optimisations to the project you or Studio Crafted host. This will come in a number of steps.


Search indexing is helped by off-site S.E.O techniques, Studio Crafted will be able to help you identify leads and sources to improve rank.

Further Steps

Additional steps can be taken that require some out-the-box and creative thinking in a World of changing algorithms.

Catch all partner

To match your business expectations a plan can be created, implemented and maintained for your site to reach the high ranks of Google and other providers.

Price estimates guide
SEO Search Engine Optimisation
Introductory prices

You may wish to look at our Copy Writing service which might work in tandem with any S.E.O work Studio Crafted undertake for you or your organisation. Additional expenses will likely be incurred.

Strategy Development

Studio Crafted will supply you with a considerate plan from the inputs you provide.

Starts: £75.00

Information Gathering Yes
Taylored Plan Yes

On-site Implementation

Working with an existing plan SC will optimise your site accordingly.

Starts: £150.00

Information Gathering No
Taylored Plan No
Technical Implementation Yes
Web Standards Yes

Full Audit and Service

We'll create a plan, implement it and offer going-forward advice.

Starts: £400.00

Information Gathering Yes
Taylored Plan Yes
Technical Implementation Yes
Web Standards Yes
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