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Systems Training

Dedicated learning resources for your platform
Systems training

Bespoke developments and off-the-shelf solutions to the untrained can lead to confusion, broken layouts and stagnant systems.

Any tools Studio Crafted develop that are platform specific may require supplmentary learning materials, and in that situation Studio Crafted are able to offer a number of options.

Wiki style learning, full user manuals and video screencasts are the type of study material Studio Crafted can deploy to you or your team.

Publishers are welcome to commision us for user manual creation.

Online Documentation

Learning materials on a web server can become a goto platform in itself and SC are happy to make this happen.

Video Learning

Supplementary learning can be provided through videos and video screencasts, SC can offer tutorial driven content.


Studio Crafted can match learning to a skills pool, SC can offer you one-to-one sessions to identify and develop the best learning.


Hands-on learning can be implemented by us to provide you with an interactive portal, hub and education kiosk.

A learned voice to offer some help

Through our own studies in personal development and curriculum based learning Studio Crafted are able to help you understand and become an expert of the tools that are offered.

Price estimates guide
Systems training
Guide prices

Learning is supplementary to the tools Studio Crafted build and the ones Studio Crafted offer, from a bespoke project to an Open Source CMS.

Should you wish for tuition to go with your new platforms this is available at different pricing tiers.


Top level summaries on systems available to you can be provided by SC.

Starts: £100.00

Written Materials 1
Screencasts 1
Format .doc, .html, .mp4


Training can be offered for specific components in bite-sized materials.

Starts: £500.00

Written Materials Max 5
Screencasts Max 5
Format .doc, .html, .mp4

Total Learning

Full systems training can be given through SC learning resources.

Starts: £1000.00

Written Materials Max 10
Screencasts Max 10
Format .doc, .html, .mp4
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