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User Experience

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User Experience

User Experience Design (or U.X) means a lot to us, it has many principles and lots of theory contributing to this as a service.

UX allows us to build engaging sites that are enjoyable to use, goal focussed and built with modern standards.

You wont find good U.X everywhere online, it's something that takes a dedicated amount of time and effort to achieve.

We can help individuals, agencies, charities, companies and organisations improve their presence online whether it may be a Open Source CMS driven project or something entirely bespoke.


Crossing disciplines with U.X is something we have become good at, let us help you increase user engagement.

Result Driven

We thrive on results, and this is one focal point of U.X for us amongst others. Lifting your presence is a goal.

Online Shopping

An applied example would be an increased amount of online store purchases, we will achieve this for you - over time.


Studio Crafted is a mindful and considerate company, we will always integrate this to our customer services.

Making a happier place online

As you may tell, the motivation we have for good-user experience comes from working within the industry for a number of years. To this day we are driven to get your site online and we want to do this in a measured way to provide the best experience all round.

Price estimates guide
User Experience
Base line pricing

User Experience is a service with fidelity, each offering brings challenges and is hard to price against. We have offered prices here as a guide at the time of writing.

All projects developed by Studio Crafted receive our UX skill-set as part of the servicepg.

Single Page Report

We look at a single page and are able to offer ways to improve the experience.

Starts: £150.00

Page Review Yes
Responsive Report Yes
Implementation No

Partial Implementation

Single page review with a partial implementation of suggested improvements.

Starts: £300.00

Page Review Yes
Responsive Report Yes
Partial Implementation Yes

5 Page Service

Sites that have 5 pages can receive this service with an implemtation. You may see some extras here.

Starts: £800.00

Page Review 5
Responsive Report Yes
Implementation Yes
Platform WordPress
Platform Bespoke
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