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WordPress design and development

Worlds most popular Content Management System
WordPress Design and Development

WordPress is a content management system that is free and Open Source. You can purchase premium themes to get started quickly or seek bespoke development from a company like us.

Being a catch-all platform each use case has its merits and pitfalls.

If your pre-made WordPress theme has sunk your business and left you feeling down, it's slow and doesn't match you or your plan, let us know. Studio Crafted can fix it.

Using WordPress for static pages and blog posts is where WordPress began, it can be a great solution for a personal site.

With a bit of learning a publisher can do that comprehensively. Check out our 30 minute for those looking to DIY WordPress.

WordPress is not only for this, it can be heavily customised and extended by a professional for new functionality and layouts.

Personal web site

Personal WordPress sites

If you're an individual looking to get started with a web site, our services may match your expectations when it comes to a basic starter kit.

Look below at our estimate tables for a price that Studio Crafted believe wont be beaten for introduction web sites.

Online shop

Online shops

When using WordPress as an eCommerce solution Studio Crafted use a plugin called WooCommerce which brings useful tools to those looking to sell online.

As with all of our WP services, new functionality can be developed by us.

Community web site

Niche community sites

Online communities can also be powered by WordPress. Coupled with BuddyPress (WordPress plugin) an online community can have Facebook like functionality.

Studio Crafted have worked with this combination for a number of years and again are able to customise and extend the functionality to meet your requirements.

Guaranteed functionality

When you're looking for the guaranteed functionality WordPress can offer by default - SC can get you started.

Site administration

When you wish to manage your sites content within WordPress your chosen platform can come to life.

Recommended plugins

Our standard packages and plugin combinations will allow for publishers, robust shops and social networks to thrive.

Next level WordPress

When you want a company who has a deep understanding of WordPress and can develop enhancements, it's us.

WordPress theme and plugin development

Studio Crafted has good knowledge with WordPress theme and plugin development, from it's multi-site setup to bespoke functionality and layouts. Studio Crafted are able to offer advanced WordPress design and development.

Price estimates guide
WordPress Design and Development
Cost effective web sites

Get up and running with a basic WordPress site or are you ready to go to the next level?

Studio Crafted have been working closely with WordPress and contributing to the community for around 10 years.

Your first web site

Installation, configuration and a selection of pre designed themes and plugins.

Estimate: £200.00

Web hosting 1 year
Domain name 1 year
Installation Yes
Basic SEO No
Basic configuration Yes
Plugin activation Yes
Training No
Design Choice of 4

Custom theme

You want to develop your web presence, Studio Crafted can do it

Estimate: £800.00

Web hosting 1 year
Domain name 1 year
Installation Yes
Basic configuration Yes
Basic SEO Yes
Plugin activation Yes
Training No
Custom design Yes
Pages 5
Contact form Yes

Born slippy

You've got big plans - SC themes and plugin development.

More details required

Web hosting na
Domain name na
Installation Yes
Basic configuration Advanced
Plugin activation Yes
Training Yes
Custom design Yes
Custom functionality Yes
Pages NA
Contact form Yes
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