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Community site

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Community site

Experienced Company to Ensure Performance

studiocrafted have developed a number of niche community sites (social network) which enable users to interact with content and each other. SC has helped develop sites that have had 500,000 page hits each month and our systems are both stable and functional in those conditions.

Numbers aside studiocrafted are able to help you both visualise and implement a community site that is both engaging and functional.

Inline with our company goals, you will understand exactly what you have commisioned studiocrafted to do. Take a look at some features SC can enable for you.

  • BuddyPress Experts 8 years experience.
  • Profile pages Nice looking profiles.
  • Configurations Custom site settings.
  • Group pages Bring people closer.
  • Activity streams Enhanced interactions.
  • Notifications Help users find content.
  • Friendships Allow connections.
  • Personal inbox Like email?
  • Forums Topical discussions.

The list above is not a complete list, studiocrafted can taylor the experience and extend or scale back functionality as required. studiocrafted use a combination of WordPress and BuddyPress for this scenario and when you need a forum solution other options are available.

A bespoke design and build of a community site from studiocrafted will typically start at around £1,800 depending on the baseline functionality you require.

  1. Considerations

    Whilst you might be tempted to DIY, studiocrafted feel real value can be offered to your project by demonstrating years of experience in both strategy and implementation.

    You can off-load the overheads involved in setting up your community to us and focus on the plan you might have. studiocrafted can meet you in the middle and build the solution that allows you to express your ideas and fulfill goals and aims.

  2. BuddyPress

    BuddyPress is an Open Source plugin for WordPress.

    studiocrafted has in some way or another been part of the project since its alpha release.

    We've built a number of successful projects using the platform and have been able to write articles on the subject for others to learn from.

  3. Simple Press

    Simple Press is a comprehensive forum solution, also a plugin for WordPress that focuses on forum functionality through posts and moderation.

    There are alternatives and studiocrafted can help you choose the right one.

  4. Training

    When you choose a comprehensive design and build of a community site through studiocrafted, comprehensive training on the tools available will be offered.

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