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Personal web site

Is this the right solution for you?

Are you the next McJuggerNuggets, Avant Garde Vegan or Sam the Cooking Guy. Maybe you're a Twitch streamer like Dakotaz or TheRadBrad, or maybe a YouTuber like TheLaBeast. You may also be an SME, charity or activist looking to get started online.

studiocrafted can get you going with a basic web site to highlight your content online, or should you choose to do so SC can even take you off the rails for a little while creativity is explored. Like the sound of this? Then read on.

What can studiocrafted do for you?

No need to under or over-sell here. studiocrafted know exactly what's on offer and studiocrafted are happy to give your our best deals. Let's take a look at the rough ideas:

  1. Option 1

    studiocrafted give you a very basic installation of WordPress to get started, it takes us between 4 and 8 hours to arrange this. So our price is £200.00 (domain name and hosting included)

    You'll have to choose from a selection of templates studiocrafted will buy from a market-place on your behalf. If our expense is a little more studiocrafted will let you know before going ahead with any market place purchases. However, please check out our WordPress DIY video if you wish to do this alone.

    As highlighted above this is an introductory service and one of our competitive advantages in the local area.

    Companies tend to off-load a bigger price to you as a customer but really all they are doing is installing a pre-made WordPress theme they bought online. This isn't exactly what studiocrafted would like to do for you, but it may well fit what you are looking for, and some themes available today are pretty nice. Check out Theme Forest if you wish to DIY WordPress.

    Should you choose this option you'll be safe and sound knowing that you got a good price, you're using the Worlds most popular CMS (WordPress) and you will have full control over your content. We've seen many limits to pre-made themes, that's not to say they 'aint-no-good' - it's just we'd rather you choose us for such things.

    Ok, I want this.

  2. Option 2

    Next option is you let us design something bespoke, this is our ideal starting point. studiocrafted and your company, any brand ideas existing or otherwise and create 5 custom pages for you. It starts at about £800 for this service. studiocrafted will spend time with you and help you identify possible plugin solutions and integrations available. This is a good starting point if you wish to have more bespoke work in the future.

    Ok, now this could be the trick. You're dedicated to your content, your small business, your individuality. Equally you appreciate what has been said on this page so far. Allowing for a WordPress theme to be designed and developed from the beginning gives us an opportunity to tell you exactly what you have got for your money.

    studiocrafted are not quite selling you the next Alexa or Google Home, SC is offering you effort, expertise and code in return for your hard earned money.

    It could take up to 1 month for this service to be completed, studiocrafted would like to spend just 1 to 2 weeks but will always go that extra-mile to make sure you are in a good place when we 'go-live' with your new web site.

    It's this one for me.

  3. Option 3

    Final option really is to think a bit bigger here, we'll design your site from the beginning and make it work with WordPress. studiocrafted will do some future proofing if you plan to have extra functionality and look to create a plan to build what you and your audience needs.

    Right, so you've got bigger plans. You want more than a space to manage blog posts, pages and anything WordPress plugins can give. Extensively already, that's quite a lot.

    You know your plan and you want someone to hit-it-from-the-park to you. studiocrafted can do that, should this be a WordPress project in the making. studiocrafted will be happy to design and develop both the layouts and functionality required to match the specification you give us.

    Great choice, let's go.

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